Digital balance

In the FT Weekend magazine this week, Tim Harford has set out his experiences with ‘rebooting’ his relationships with digital media and platforms. He logged out of Facebook and Twitter, closed down or deleted a wide range of distracting apps from his phone and carefully monitored how he used other information tools. I found his account of the benefits accrued and how he has sought to find a proper balance of what he really needs to connect to (he is an author and column writer after all) and what he can dispense with, insightful and very helpful; I have been doing something similar for around a month now.

New year evolution

I am not one for too many resolutions and definitely not keen on revolutions. Revolutions are always driven by the idea that there is an idealised utopia available and achievable, but which can only be reached by destruction of all the values of the past. Nothing is ever simple in this way. Life is full of complex relationships, promises, commitments, desires and motivations.


Photographing the Moon

The Moon is not an easy subject to photograph. As with most large but distant objects, unless you have a lens with a decently high focal length and zoom it can appear a bit disappointing in images.

Change and creativity

I was musing about career change this week, as you might expect. Looking back, and leaving out occasional fill-in jobs and stopgaps, I find I am now entering into my fourth career. All the changes have been brought about by shifting circumstances. On reflection I could perhaps have made more of the first, as an academic.

All change …

Followers will know that I have been a consultant for around five years. It has been a creative and fruitful time; I have worked with many interesting and talented people, supported many tremendous projects and teams, and been stunned by the commitment of the students I have taught.