Connections and thinking: the future

Werner Herzog’s recent documentary film ‘Lo and Behold‘ is a thoughtful meditation and exploration of the internet, digital connectivity, artificial intelligence, and some of the ethical and social issues that these technologies raise for us. It covers a range of thoughts and ideas that tax me too: the future of work, education and ideas. Additionally, the documentary touches on philosophical concerns about what sort of worlds we might want to create in the future, and about how much control we shall have in reality as these futures emerge from trillions of interactions. What struck me was that, as these issues are becoming increasingly pressing we require deeper critical thinking skills, philosophical creativity and synthesis, and an approach to living and working that is also both systematic and deeply connected. Unfortunately, at the same time the very technologies that are at the heart of this incredible connectivity revolution are reducing thinking to informational and superficial search-and-retrieve processes: we think less and less, but Google more and more.

Anyone who wants to actively engage with that future will need to be a strong critical thinker, flexible and adaptive, and able to imagine new ways of systematically navigating a world full of artificially intelligent environments and controls. This is how I really do see DMC helping, both for existing companies and organisations, and for individuals in education or seeking new ways of thinking. Do check out the range of my services and drop me a line to find out how you could benefit from developing new thinking and conceptual skills and approaches that will future-proof your life or business.